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The content below is a list of tire data for technical purposes. To search for tires for your vehicle click here and choose either the search by size, search by vehicle or search by brand option.


Kelly Charger GT Kelly Charger GT - 185/65R14 86H Kelly Charger GT - 195/55R15 85H Kelly Charger GT - 195/60R14 86H Kelly Charger GT - 195/60R15 88H Kelly Charger GT - 195/65R15 91H Kelly Charger GT - 205/50R16 87H Kelly Charger GT - 205/55R16 91H Kelly Charger GT - 205/60R15 91H Kelly Charger GT - 205/60R16 92H Kelly Charger GT - 205/65R15 94H Kelly Charger GT - 215/45R17 87V Kelly Charger GT - 215/55R16 93H Kelly Charger GT - 215/55R17 94H Kelly Charger GT - 215/60R15 94H Kelly Charger GT - 215/60R16 95H Kelly Charger GT - 225/50R17 94V Kelly Charger GT - 225/55R16 95H Kelly Charger GT - 225/55R17 97V Kelly Charger GT - 225/60R16 98H Kelly Charger GT - 235/60R16 100H Kelly Edge A/S Kelly Edge A/S - 185/60R15 84T Kelly Edge A/S - 185/65R14 86H Kelly Edge A/S - 185/65R15 88H Kelly Edge A/S - 185/70R14 88T Kelly Edge A/S - 195/50R16 84V Kelly Edge A/S - 195/60R15 88H Kelly Edge A/S - 195/65R15 91H Kelly Edge A/S - 195/70R14 91T Kelly Edge A/S - 205/50R16 87H Kelly Edge A/S - 205/50R17 89V Kelly Edge A/S - 205/55R16 91H Kelly Edge A/S - 205/60R15 91H Kelly Edge A/S - 205/60R16 92V Kelly Edge A/S - 205/65R15 94H Kelly Edge A/S - 205/65R16 95H Kelly Edge A/S - 205/70R15 96T Kelly Edge A/S - 215/45R17 87V Kelly Edge A/S - 215/50R17 91V Kelly Edge A/S - 215/55R16 93H Kelly Edge A/S - 215/55R17 94V Kelly Edge A/S - 215/60R15 94H Kelly Edge A/S - 215/60R16 95H Kelly Edge A/S - 215/60R17 96T Kelly Edge A/S - 215/65R16 98T Kelly Edge A/S - 215/65R17 99T Kelly Edge A/S - 215/70R15 98T Kelly Edge A/S - 215/70R16 100H Kelly Edge A/S - 225/45R17 91V Kelly Edge A/S - 225/45R18 91V Kelly Edge A/S - 225/50R17 94V Kelly Edge A/S - 225/50R17 94V Kelly Edge A/S - 225/55R17 97V Kelly Edge A/S - 225/55R18 98H Kelly Edge A/S - 225/60R16 98H Kelly Edge A/S - 225/60R17 99H Kelly Edge A/S - 225/65R16 100T Kelly Edge A/S - 225/65R17 102H Kelly Edge A/S - 225/70R16 103T Kelly Edge A/S - 235/55R17 99H Kelly Edge A/S - 235/55R18 100H Kelly Edge A/S - 235/60R16 100H Kelly Edge A/S - 235/60R17 102T Kelly Edge A/S - 235/60R18 103H Kelly Edge A/S - 235/65R16 103T Kelly Edge A/S - 235/65R17 104H Kelly Edge A/S - 235/65R18 106T Kelly Edge A/S - 235/70R16 106T Kelly Edge A/S - 245/60R18 105H Kelly Edge A/S - 245/65R17 107T Kelly Edge A/S - 245/70R16 107T Kelly Edge A/S - 255/65R18 111T Kelly Edge A/S - 265/65R17 112T Kelly Edge AT Kelly Edge AT - 31x10.50R15LT C 109R Kelly Edge AT - LT215/85R16 E 115/112R Kelly Edge AT - 225/75R15 102S Kelly Edge AT - 225/75R16 104S Kelly Edge AT - LT225/75R16 E 115/112R Kelly Edge AT - 235/70R16 106T Kelly Edge AT - 235/70R17 109S XL Kelly Edge AT - 235/75R15 105S Kelly Edge AT - 235/75R16 112S XL Kelly Edge AT - LT235/80R17 E 120/117R Kelly Edge AT - LT235/85R16 E 120/116R Kelly Edge AT - 245/70R16 107T Kelly Edge AT - 245/70R17 110S Kelly Edge AT - LT245/70R17 E 119/116S Kelly Edge AT - LT245/75R16 E 120/116S Kelly Edge AT - 245/75R16 111S Kelly Edge AT - LT245/75R17 E 121/118S Kelly Edge AT - 255/65R17 110S Kelly Edge AT - 255/70R16 111S Kelly Edge AT - 255/70R16 111S Kelly Edge AT - 255/70R17 112S Kelly Edge AT - 265/60R18 110S Kelly Edge AT - 265/65R17 112T Kelly Edge AT - 265/65R18 114S Kelly Edge AT - 265/70R16 112T Kelly Edge AT - 265/70R17 115T Kelly Edge AT - LT265/70R17 E 121/118S Kelly Edge AT - 265/75R16 116T Kelly Edge AT - LT265/75R16 E 123/120R Kelly Edge AT - 275/55R20 113S Kelly Edge AT - 275/60R20 115S Kelly Edge AT - LT275/65R18 E 123/120S Kelly Edge AT - 275/65R18 116T Kelly Edge AT - LT275/65R20 E 126/123S Kelly Edge AT - LT275/70R18 E 125/122R Kelly Edge AT - LT285/70R17 E 121/118R Kelly Edge AT - LT285/75R16 E 126/123R Kelly Edge AT - LT285/75R16 E 126/123R Kelly Edge HP Kelly Edge HP - 195/55R15 85V Kelly Edge HP - 195/55R16 87V Kelly Edge HP - 205/45R17 84V Kelly Edge HP - 205/45R17 88V XL Kelly Edge HP - 205/55R16 91V Kelly Edge HP - 215/45R17 91W XL Kelly Edge HP - 215/45R18 93W XL Kelly Edge HP - 225/40R18 92W XL Kelly Edge HP - 225/45R17 94W XL Kelly Edge HP - 225/45R18 95V XL Kelly Edge HP - 225/50R16 92V Kelly Edge HP - 225/50R17 94W Kelly Edge HP - 225/55R16 95V Kelly Edge HP - 235/40R18 95W XL Kelly Edge HP - 235/45R17 97W XL Kelly Edge HP - 235/45R17 94W Kelly Edge HP - 235/45R18 94V Kelly Edge HP - 235/45R18 98V XL Kelly Edge HP - 235/50R18 97V Kelly Edge HP - 245/40R17 95W XL Kelly Edge HP - 245/40R17 91W Kelly Edge HP - 245/40R18 93W Kelly Edge HP - 245/40R18 97W XL Kelly Edge HP - 245/45R17 95V Kelly Edge HP - 245/45R18 96V Kelly Explorer Plus Kelly Explorer Plus - P175/65R14 81S Kelly Explorer Plus - P175/70R13 82S Kelly Explorer Plus - 185/60R15 84T Kelly Explorer Plus - P185/65R14 85S Kelly Explorer Plus - 185/65R15 88T Kelly Explorer Plus - P185/70R14 87S Kelly Explorer Plus - 195/60R15 88T Kelly Explorer Plus - P195/65R15 89S Kelly Explorer Plus - P195/70R14 90S Kelly Explorer Plus - P195/75R14 92S Kelly Explorer Plus - 205/55R16 91T Kelly Explorer Plus - 205/60R15 91T Kelly Explorer Plus - P205/65R15 92S Kelly Explorer Plus - P205/70R15 95S Kelly Explorer Plus - P205/75R14 95S Kelly Explorer Plus - P215/60R15 93T Kelly Explorer Plus - P215/60R16 94T Kelly Explorer Plus - 215/65R15 96T Kelly Explorer Plus - 215/65R16 98T Kelly Explorer Plus - P215/70R15 97S Kelly Explorer Plus - 225/60R16 98T Kelly Safari ATR Kelly Safari ATR - 31x10.50R15LT C 109R Kelly Safari ATR - LT215/85R16 E 115/112P Kelly Safari ATR - P225/75R15 102S Kelly Safari ATR - P225/75R16 104S Kelly Safari ATR - LT225/75R16 E 115/112R Kelly Safari ATR - P235/70R16 104T Kelly Safari ATR - 235/70R17 109S XL Kelly Safari ATR - P235/75R15 105S Kelly Safari ATR - P235/75R16 109S XL Kelly Safari ATR - LT235/80R17 E 120/117Q Kelly Safari ATR - LT235/85R16 E 120/116R Kelly Safari ATR - 245/65R17 107S Kelly Safari ATR - P245/70R16 106S Kelly Safari ATR - P245/70R17 108S Kelly Safari ATR - LT245/70R17 E 119/116R Kelly Safari ATR - LT245/75R16 E 120/116R Kelly Safari ATR - P245/75R16 109S Kelly Safari ATR - LT245/75R17 E 121/118S Kelly Safari ATR - P255/65R17 108S Kelly Safari ATR - P255/70R16 109S Kelly Safari ATR - P255/70R17 110S Kelly Safari ATR - 265/60R18 110S Kelly Safari ATR - P265/65R17 110T Kelly Safari ATR - P265/65R18 112S Kelly Safari ATR - P265/70R16 111S Kelly Safari ATR - P265/70R17 113S Kelly Safari ATR - LT265/70R17 E 121/118R Kelly Safari ATR - P265/75R16 114T Kelly Safari ATR - LT265/75R16 E 123/120R Kelly Safari ATR - P275/55R20 111H Kelly Safari ATR - P275/60R20 114S Kelly Safari ATR - P275/65R18 114T Kelly Safari ATR - LT275/70R18 E 125/122R Kelly Safari ATR - LT285/70R17 D 121/118R Kelly Safari ATR - LT285/75R16 E 126/123R Kelly Safari Signature Kelly Safari Signature - P215/70R16 99S Kelly Safari Signature - 225/65R17 102T Kelly Safari Signature - P225/70R16 101S Kelly Safari Signature - P235/60R17 100S Kelly Safari Signature - 235/65R16 103S Kelly Safari Signature - P235/65R17 103S Kelly Safari Signature - P235/65R18 104S Kelly Safari Signature - P235/70R16 104S Kelly Safari Signature - P245/65R17 105S Kelly Safari Signature - P245/70R16 106S Kelly Safari Signature - P245/70R17 108S Kelly Safari Signature - P245/75R16 109S Kelly Safari Signature - P255/70R16 109S Kelly Safari Signature - P255/70R18 112S Kelly Safari Signature - 265/60R18 110T Kelly Safari Signature - P265/65R17 110S Kelly Safari Signature - P265/70R16 111S Kelly Safari Signature - P265/70R17 113S Kelly Safari Signature - P265/70R18 114S Kelly Safari Signature - P265/75R16 114S Kelly Safari Signature - P275/65R18 114T Kelly Safari TSR Kelly Safari TSR - 31x10.50R15LT C 109Q Kelly Safari TSR - LT225/75R16 E 115/112Q Kelly Safari TSR - LT235/75R15 C 104/101Q Kelly Safari TSR - LT235/85R16 E 120/116Q Kelly Safari TSR - LT235/85R16 E 120/116Q Kelly Safari TSR - LT245/70R17 E 119/116Q Kelly Safari TSR - LT245/75R16 E 120/116Q Kelly Safari TSR - LT245/75R17 E 121/118Q Kelly Safari TSR - LT265/70R17 E 121/118Q Kelly Safari TSR - LT265/70R17 C 112/109Q Kelly Safari TSR - LT265/75R16 E 123/120Q Kelly Safari TSR - LT265/75R16 C 112/109Q Kelly Safari TSR - LT265/75R16 E 123/120Q Kelly Safari TSR - LT275/65R18 E 123/120Q Kelly Safari TSR - LT275/70R18 E 125/122Q Kelly Safari TSR - LT285/70R17 D 121/118Q Kelly Safari TSR - LT285/75R16 E 126/123P Kelly Safari TSR - LT285/75R16 E 126/123P Kelly Safari TSR - LT315/70R17 D 121/118Q Kelly Safari TSR - LT315/75R16 E 127/124Q

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